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What is the Las Vegas Kids' Directory?

Kids' Directory is a full color, monthly Family Resource Guide, published by
a local parent for the past 16 years. The philosophy of Kids' Directory is simple: fast answers
for busy parents, and advertising response for our clients. Why this approach?
Between work (in-home or out), full-time parenthood, and trying to keep up with the
hectic pace of today's lifestyles, few moms and dads have time to be leisurely about
anything - especially shopping. Parents want their information quickly! Advertisers want
their messages to be effective! Kids' Directory blends the two ideals together to
provide a cost-effective, highly targeted option for today's advertiser.

Kids' Directory Brings New Customers
to Your Business Because...

It is published by a local parent who know what other local parents want.

We reach active buyers month after month! Frequency is the key.

It is designed to be a quick read and is always FREE! The convenient,
  digest-sized Directory easily fits in a woman's purse or a diaper bag.
  It is easy-to-use and easy-to-keep!

Quality counts! Your ad is always FULL COLOR and printed on magazine-quality, glossy paper.

We are advertisement-driven, not article-driven, so your ad will not be ignored or get lost on the page.

Kids' Directory is read cover-to-cover every month!

FREE World Wide Web! Yes, your ad will appear on our website, just as it appears in the Directory, at no
additional cost to you. In addition, if your company has a web page, we will provide a link from our page to yours.

Still not sure? Call our advertisers and ask them about Kids' Directory. They'll be happy to tell you about their experience.


2017 Submission Deadlines:

February/March Issue - January 8, 2018
April/May Issue - March 8, 2018
June/July Issue - May 8, 2018
August/Spetember Issue - July 8, 2018



For rates, call (702) 596-4717
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